The Diversity & Inclusion Advice No One Will Give You

In February 2017 I completed my PhD at the London School of Economics. The defining characteristic of a PhD is to make a contribution to knowledge. You have to create something new, add something important to human understanding.

In my PhD I made theoretical and practical contributions that are useful to organisations like yours.

I created this podcast to make a contribution outside of academia.

I believe that people are the most valuable asset within an organisation. I also think that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential within the workplace.

During my PhD I realised how much useful research and information could help this become a reality but it wasn’t always in the hands of the people who actually needed it most.

This podcast is part of my mission to help everyone to reach their potential within the workplace. I’m specifically interested in how organisations can include us all and make the most of our differences.

Words like Diversity, Inclusion and Equality have been used and abused to the point that it’s difficult to understand what they even mean.

On this podcast I want to shine a light on some of the issues organisations may have when managing “diversity and inclusion” in the workplace. I want to explore, discuss and deconstruct ways to help the people within your workplace reach their potential and drive performance through inclusive practices.

In this pilot episode I set out my my vision for the podcast and cover a number of topics including:

• The 3 biggest problems that organisations experience when they try to become more inclusive.
• The problem with the business case for diversity
• The reasons why this podcast is not for everyone and much, much more

If you want a quick snapshot of what the episode is about I’ve created some slides that you may find interesting

Remember that you need to be forward thinking and creative when developing an inclusive workplace. It starts with you.

Tell me the three most important things that you would like to see covered on this podcast

Here are some selected links to for the resources and reports I discuss in the episode.

My PhD thesis

The McGregor Smith Review

The Parker Review

The Davies report

The Davies Review (5 Year Summary)

White men ‘endangered species’ in UK boardrooms, says Tesco chairman

The Equality Act (2010) Gender Pay Gap Information

Mckinsey report: Why Diversity Matters

The Business Case for Equality and Diversity: A survey of the academic literature

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Employee Resource Groups

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