How Your Inclusive Journey Can Boost Your Career [Interview with Rose St Louis]

This is the second of a special three part series based around the launch of ICAN, the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network. This is a group that promotes multicultural inclusion and progression within the insurance sector.

Today I’m speaking with Rose St Louis, Rose is Head of Partnership Development at Zurich Insurance UK where she also chairs their Women’s’ Innovation Network.

Rose was the spokesperson for an influential study that investigated the Gender Pensions Gap and I was thrilled to speak with her so that she could share the benefit of her considerable experience with us.

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • The meaning of the Gender Pensions Gap
  • How Employee Resource Groups can be used to develop products
  • Some interesting strategy development lessons from Cricket and much, much more

Here’s some of the wisdom that Rose shared:

Recognise your personal journey

This was a central theme of the show, Rose explains the need for both individuals and organisations to recognise their journey towards reaching their potential:

“We will be able to attract the next generation of employee if we can show that we are on a journey and they can help us move on that journey”

A Collaborative Shared Experience

Rose is a strong believer in collaboration and suggests that employee resource groups should engage those who may not normally expected to be members. Rose describes how groups concerned with female gender equality within the workplace should also engage men:

“Women can’t go on that journey on their own, men need to go with them and understand that journey too”

Employee Resource Groups can be used to develop products

Rose described the growing conversation in her industry about how employee resource groups can be used to develop products that are relevant to their customers.

“We have a rising awareness around that and a desire to progress that conversation and to bring it through to something meaningful for the customer as well as keeping pace as an industry with what we should be delivering for the customer”


If you want a quick snapshot of what the episode is about I’ve created some slides that you may find interesting


Individuals need to recognise and embrace their personal journey


Here are some selected links to for the resources and reports I discuss in the episode.


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